Unlock the power of real consumer
transaction data

Our system of kiosks, signage and web/mobile applications will capture actual transaction and consumer data for retailers and mall owners. This data is priceless as it will allow retailers and mall owners to deliver highly customisable advertising/marketing campaigns that are easy to analyse. These campaigns can intelligently and easily target non-regular buyers with relevant offers to increase consumer spend per visit and reduce the time between visits.

Tesco, Amazon and other leading global retailers have demonstrated that value creating loyalty and cross-promotion programs require highly intelligent use of actual transaction data, so we have created a patented system for using POS transaction data. Our system is highly customisable and completely independent from a retailer's sales software and in-store processes. This means we can use actual transaction data to deliver highly targeted messages, promotions and rewards, 'triggered' by the purchase of specific products (or the total amount spent).

The system is highly flexible, enabling the integration of real transaction data and an in-centre presence with your online digital activities and mobile apps.


The is nothing else like the Docket Rocket system and we can customise it even more to fit your exact needs.

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Independent from POS

There is no integration required with any of your retailers POS systems or their core operational systems.

Low Implementation Costs

Specifically the low cost of IT integration between a sales promotion system and core operational systems.

Real Time Analytics

Analyze & track every campaign through detailed information and interactive charting about your customer and promotional response patterns… what was presented, selected, favorited, and redeemed.

Increase Impulse Spend

Through linking offers and loyalty rewards to retail spend and by delivering relevant offers based upon the specific products purchased by leveraging complementary purchases to optimise cross-shop offers.

Easy For Anyone To Use

The system has been designed to be very intuitive, engaging and fun for all types of users. Shoppers can sign up at the terminal or via the mobile app or they can participate anonymously.


Our system has a very sophisticated fraud prevention capability, which has been designed to meet the very exacting security standards of casinos and local laws where we are in operation

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  • Model 1

    Take a tour of the app

    The Docket Rocket apps provide your shoppers with anytime, anywhere access to all of the best deals, encouraging them to come back to your centre(s).

  • Model 2


    We can help get your customers back into the centre with highly targeted marketing tactics and push notifications.
    Users can also follow your centre, retailers and brands for exclusive promotions they won’t get anywhere else.

  • Model 3


    Getting your customers involved and back into your centre is our number one goal. We allow users to play instant win games, enter drawings, earn points for scanning their receipts via the app and receive special mobile only promotions.

  • Model 3


    Track users while they are in your centre or are close by. With location services enabled on the app we can entice your customers with ‘limited time only’ promotions and we can learn about their purchase pathway throughout the centre.


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